I took this picture a few years back using my Kodak Z1012 (not a bad starter camera mind you). We were driving across the country, and ended up on Skyline drive, which is a gorgeous place. There were stunning views all around us, but the trees were what made the scene. This has always made me think of fall, the light drizzle on your face and soft tones everywhere.
If you ever get the chance to go to along Skyline, I really recommend it. I have seen several sets of black bear cubs there (I have some blurry shots of some), and always enjoy the slow pace of the drive.




here’s one from CO. I have a real infatuation with dead trees…
Sorry I’ve been absent from the conversation the last few days, I’ve been moving and have started a new job.



We found this little guy at Lincoln Park in Seattle. I nearly walked past him, but my girlfriend spotted him right away. I’m not sure what type he is, but if anyone else knows, I’d be incredibly grateful. It was a nice glimmer of color in a Washington winter.

ps, this photo is completely untouched, it looked pretty enough without it



Continuing with some photos from gasworks, here’s one from inside a dilapidated pipeline, looking out onto lake union with seattle in the distance. gas works is a wonderful park, highly suggest you go there if you live nearby. it’s not huge, but it’s gorgeous in an industrial sort of way

chaco canyon


A few years ago I got to go to Chaco with some of my best friends and had a truly wonderful time. We camped just outside the park and took this hike along the upper trail. There is a long and a short way round. We had meant to take the short route, but accidentally took the long one. It turned out to have been a great mistake. from this trail you can get an aerial view of each of the pueblos, it’s fantastic. In order to get to it though, you have to climb up this narrow canyon.
Also, if you get the chance to go to Chaco, you should check out their nighttime astronomy meets

Wind Across a Puddle

wind on a puddle.  Gas Works, Seattle

Continuing on this elemental theme I’ve stumbled upon, here we have wind on a puddle in Gas Works Park in Seattle. Not the nicest of mornings today, but the park is definitely worth checking out.