chaco canyon


A few years ago I got to go to Chaco with some of my best friends and had a truly wonderful time. We camped just outside the park and took this hike along the upper trail. There is a long and a short way round. We had meant to take the short route, but accidentally took the long one. It turned out to have been a great mistake. from this trail you can get an aerial view of each of the pueblos, it’s fantastic. In order to get to it though, you have to climb up this narrow canyon.
Also, if you get the chance to go to Chaco, you should check out their nighttime astronomy meets



  1. I LOVED Chaco. We camped at the little campground, and we hiked up to the upper Pueblo, through that narrow canyon that you mentioned. It was so beautiful there. We didn’t check out their astronomy program though, guess I’ll just have to go back! 🙂

  2. I love the BW background! After living in NM for a dozen years and never making it to Chaco, I returned to do some research last year and spent time at Chaco last March (about this time). While I’m still sorting through my several hundred photographs looking for the best ones to print on canvas, your image surely gives me the motivation to do so! What a great image.

    Thanks for liking my post.

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