We found this little guy at Lincoln Park in Seattle. I nearly walked past him, but my girlfriend spotted him right away. I’m not sure what type he is, but if anyone else knows, I’d be incredibly grateful. It was a nice glimmer of color in a Washington winter.

ps, this photo is completely untouched, it looked pretty enough without it



  1. O my goodness … this is so cool. I actually dropped this image into the Google Image Search, but couldn’t find any answers as to who he is. Sorry … šŸ˜¦ But I love this.

    • thanks for checking it out, i’m glad you liked it. as for the mystery, perhaps it’s a Channelled Dog Winkle? It looked a lot like them (ridges etc) but was much more vibrant. i’m not certain though, the mystery continues!

  2. I will consult with Puget Sound fly fishing gurus as to the species name for this mollusk. In my experience, dedicated fly fishers are also some of the most knowledgeable amateur naturalists.

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