I’m a professional photographer based out of Seattle Washington. Originally from the UK, I’ve grown up across the US and am constantly on the move. On this blog, I’ll showcase my travel photos, as well as some portraits along the way. I’ll also make an effort to explain my technique, and really appreciate questions, comments, and criticism.

If you’re in the Seattle area and need a photographer, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you’re looking for a hardy perspective on music, you can get it here.

You can also follow me on Tumblr.



  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog πŸ™‚ It’s been a pleasure looking through your work. I grew up in Seattle, and still visit from time to time. Boy do I love that city. Thank you for capturing its beauty.

  2. First thank you for following my blog… I love your blog and you have captured Seattle beautifully! I do not get to the city much anymore… but love looking at your photos. Cannot wait to see what your next photo captures!

  3. Some beautiful photos you’ve got on this blog!

    Thanks for “liking” my Descartes’ Error book review. Good luck with all you are doing.

    Best wishes, Steven

  4. Hello. Thanks for the feedback on my new blog “mylifeinhope”. I’ve enjoyed going through your various blogs, you are a multi-talented guy! the photography is very inspiring. thanks, stan

  5. Thank you for following my blog. I couldn’t help but to say “ooooh, Seattle.” Who knows, we may run into each other without knowing πŸ˜‰ Keep it up. I’ll be back. Happy St. Patrick’s day! I hope you enjoy the snow this morning and the sun right now πŸ™‚

    • Thanks very much, it’s funny to think of the people you interact with online and may pass in the street. Still gray today… it is finally getting a bit tiresome. And thanks for the st. patty’s day wishes, had a pretty good time. Lot of crashed cars here in queen anne today though….

  6. Thanks for following my blog … I’m from Seattle, spent 13 years on Vashon Island among other places. You have some beautiful images, can’t wait to see more!

    • Thanks very much. I caught this abutilon in the Volunteer Park Conservatory, a really wonderful place. Right now I’ve just gotten a Canon T2I, which is pretty amazing. A lot of my older pics (a lot of the ones from NM) were taken using a Kodak Z1012, which I picked up for about $100. Thanks for checking them out

  7. For someone that seems to specialize in the organic or man made structures it’s very cool that ya dug my lil storyboard from my blog…love your work as well

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  9. Really enjoy your work! Thanks for the internet high five (by liking my post of the Seattle’s own Redwood Plan).

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