Fort Stevens


Here’s a black and white HDR from Fort Stevens on the Oregon coast. First off, if you’ve not driven the 101 down the west coast, you’re missing out on some incredible scenery. Rocky shores, lush rainforests, the works. We just made a quick trek down it and found it hard not to stop at every beach.

Which brings me to this shipwreck. I’ve just installed Magic Lantern ( on my T2i and have been pretty eager to play with it. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s worth taking a gander at. It really adds to what you can do with your canon. And in case you were worried, it’s easy to install.

This shot was one of the first I took using the improved HDR functions, and I’m fairly satisfied with the results. Not to mention that black and white HDR is usually so stunning it’s pretty much cheating. This is a three exposure HDR processed with Photomatix. Hope you liked it.



California love

Just got back from a roadtrip out to the coast. I’ve got a lot of pictures to sort through, but here’s one for now.