the little guy

These little fellas are from Silver Falls in Oregon. Once we spotted them, they really slowed down our hike as we were checking every tree along the way. They are fairly adorable in person.

I’ve attached the original, as shot, below for your consideration. I knew there was a picture here, but I really couldn’t get it to feel right to me. I was fairly certain I wanted color, but you see how that went. The colors were just too muted, and I couldn’t bring them up without it feeling artificial. We were hiking in Oregon in the winter after all. In the end, I blew up the contrast, clarity, and blacks, and this is the result. I even went so far as to export it to photoshop afterwards and darken it even more. That being said, I saw this on a different monitor and it was hard to see. Let me know how it works for you.






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