Here is another double take. Though my process was a tad convoluted on this one, from here on out I’ll make an effort to try and include the steps taken for each picture. With this, I already quite liked the original (in increased contrast b+w), but thought I’d play with it anyway. I like the fairy tale feel of the second one, but it looks almost like an illustration. I am also quite skeptical of faux HDR, which is pretty much what I’ve done here.

Thanks for checking them out





EDIT: I’ve attached the true, as shot original below. It’s amazing what a little cropping can do.



    • It’s fairly incredible what a little tone mapping can do to a RAW file, the way the trees become lit up is very ethereal, almost as if it were a fairy tale illustration.

  1. I know it’s quite trendy to go to B&W, but I just don’t get it. Why on earth would anyone choose to be color blind when there’s such beautiful color all around us?

    • It’s definitely something I’m torn on. With this one, I did it for a number of reasons, primarily because I like the starkness of the waterfall in the dark forest. It’s as if it were lighting it up, or a saving grace up ahead. I also did it for this one because the tones were dampened when we were there (so were we!).
      In general though, I think it’s just a personal preference. My girlfriend and I disagree occasionally about my desaturating habits, but in some ways I feel as if denying color makes it more apparent. The tease of it makes your mind fill in the gaps with even brighter tones than possible

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