Seattle, WA



  1. I ‘wonder’ if there is a photoshop feature which allows you to mirror-reverse this so it reads the right way? Stunning sky. 🙂

    • First off, thanks very much for checking these pictures out.
      I played around with mirroring the image, but in the end, I decided to stay true to the original. Seattle is so gorgeous that this image is completely original, with no altering at all.
      As far as other images are concerned, I do frequently perform alterations. These rarely go further than the Lightroom Develop Basics (primarily crop, exposure, recovery, blacks, vibrancy, contrast, and brightness). If I edit a photo in photoshop, all I’ll do is isolate a color. I may do more editing in the future, but I am planning on implementing a thorough guide to show what precisely alterations I have made.
      Thanks again

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